Metallic grids

          Metallic grids

     The range of grills protects against vandalism, and at the same time constitutes and insurmontable shield against intrusion. They alow ventilation and visibility in enclosed spaces with thei help. They are ideal for upgrading and delimiting spaces such as shops, warehouses, institutions, halls and other industrial spacec. With a particularly aesthetic look, some models can also be used in residential areas.

     These metal grids are produced in many configurations and models, such as full blades, perforated, tubular, extendable and foldable lamellas can be automated or operated manually by an ergonomic handle.

     General characteristics:

- depending on the mode, they my be completly opaque or mai have perforations for ventilation or some may be almost completly transparent

- can be painted in any color in the RAL palette

- without expandable models, all others can automate