Lift and slide doors

Lift and slide door system.

An attractive eyecatcher - rediscover the world.

Lift and slide doors give any room a spacious and bright atmosphere. Whether for a balcony, veranda or patio, with just one turn of the hand, you can create a seamless connection between indoors and outdoors – there are no annoying threshold elements that can cause tripping. Like all Salamander profile systems, the lift and slide door also has a high degree of form stability. The balanced structural design of the door ensures that the sash moves smoothly and guarantees long-lasting, reliable functionality.


  • High-quality foil coating comes in a wide selection of colours and decors
  • Weather-proof and particularly easy to care for thanks to brand name vinyl with a highly dense surface structure
  • Intelligent design of the system permits rational production
  • Multi-chamber profiles and a thermally isolated threshold offer optimum insulation
  • Large-dimensioned steel reinforcements ensure maximum stability, reliable functioning and a long service life
  • No danger of tripping in the threshold area