Overlapping roller blinds

   Overlapping roller blinds

         The roller shutter box is made of PVC and is provided with polystyrene for thermal and sound insulation. This type of rolls have three constructive heights of 165 mm, 205mm, 240mm

         Blinds can be white, brown or wood imitation.

         Thermal insulation with polystyrene improves the thermal and acoustic insulation of the cassette and prevents condensation.

         Provides a sunscreen that stops up to 8-85% of the energy transported by the sun's rays.

         It consists of cassette, PVC guides and carpet of aluminium lamellas, the lamellas are insulated with foam.

         Access to the inside of the casette is made by the bottom os the cassette.

         The shutter is fixed to the window frame by means of a PVC profile, and on the side with metal clips giving is a good stiffness.