Ventilate right with climAktivPlus

We spend more than 90% of our life in closed rooms. New building materials, modern paint, central heating and tight, well-insulated windows cause changes in the room climate. This creates a cocktail of pollutants and toxins in living spaces: carbon dioxide and water vapour from breath, cigarette smoke, cleaning agents, vapours from furniture, carpets, paintwork as well as many other pollutants. Many toxins cannot be smelled, but can be eliminated through proper ventilation.

Proper and controlled ventilation of living spaces is required to decrease indoor air pollution and regulate humidity. If there is no regular, or incorrect, ventilation, condensation or mould growth may develop on cooler building elements under certain circumstances. This is not only unsightly and damaging to the building substance, on an on-going basis, it can also cause serious health problems. Users should therefore be conscientious about ventilation, so that all rooms are supplied with an adequate amount of fresh air with the least loss of energy as possible.

For this we offer climAktivPlus, a window accessory for reliable, energy-saving ventilation of all rooms. The ventilator can be integrated almost invisibly in all PVC window profiles. It guarantees a constant supply of fresh air, even in closed rooms. ClimAktivPlus is a passive ventilator that makes use of the principle of pressure compensation between the inside and outside of the building. When there is high wind pressure outside, the integral air flow controller prevents too much air from flowing into the room by means of a specially balanced float. When the outside air pressure sinks, the air flow controller opens and fresh air enters the room. An integral volume flow limiter prevents draughts. Furthermore, since the PVC profiles are at room temperature, the air entering from outside is pre-warmed, which ensures a pleasant indoor temperature. The climAktivPlus prevents too much humidity from building up in rooms, reduces the risk of mould growth and complies with the legal requirements of the German Energy Saving Law (EnEV).