Whether in new buildings or renovations, windows design living spaces

Windows give your home a distinctive character. As an important design element, they not only define the visual appearance of your house, they also reflect your lifestyle.

Whether you are choosing new windows and doors for new buildings, conversions, extensions or renovations, careful planning is crucial. A harmonious overall appearance is only possible when forms, colours and profile geometry are individually matched to your building.

Elegant round, segmental or pointed arches with different muntin partitions present fascinating design options. We offer a wide selection of shapes, formats and partitions specially designed for renovating older windows. With muntins or rounded contours, the windows fit perfectly to the overall visual picture of historic facades.

You decide, depending on your taste and the style of the building. For modern architecture, not only straight window forms are possible, but also symmetrical, asymmetrical, triangle, gable or bay window designs.