Care and Maintenance

Tips for the care and maintenance of your new pvc windows


Care of the profiles and seals:

Rebate and rubber seals are largely maintenance-free.

For the optimal care of your windows you can obtain our “Fenosol” cleaning program from your dealer. Using these special cleaners you can get your windows really clean and also prevent them from getting dirty again due to their antistatic effect.

Please use only standard mild household cleaners (such as washing up liquid) that contain no solvents to clean the window profiles.

Caution: never use nitro thinners or scouring powder!


Maintenance of the fittings:

Only have a SPECIALIST set up the fittings or install or remove the sashes of the window.

Your windows have been equipped with high-quality fittings. They are very easy to use.

Check all the moving parts of these fittings for wear at least once a year and grease the parts subject to wear and the locking pins and the hinges and corner fittings with technical Vaseline.


Proper ventilation:

If you find condensation on your new windows, this indicates that your windows are properly sealed.

The way to deal with this unwanted moisture is to ventilate properly, meaning that you should open the windows wide three times a day for a few minutes each time and turn off your radiators completely.

This not only helps to save energy but also produces a more pleasant climate within your house.


User information:

Never put any obstacles into the opening area between the window sash and frame.

Avoid any additional stresses on the window sash!

Do not press the sash against the window jamb.

Injuries can be caused due to body parts becoming trapped and pinched between the window sash and frame.